Terms and Conditions for Advertisers

About QUT CareerHub

    QUT CareerHub is an online database system used primarily by QUT' Student Success Group to advertise employment opportunities and career-related events for the benefit of students, graduates and staff of QUT. To maximise employment opportunities available to students, a registered organisation wishing to list an available employment vacancy may add an advertisement free of charge, subject to the following terms and conditions.

    Advertisers can lodge job advertisements via the internet at any time – if you do not have access to the internet, you are advised to phone QUT’s Student Success Group on (07) 3138 2000 for assistance.

    Organisations, advertisements, and change requests will usually be approved and available on QUT CareerHub within 1-2 business days. If you have not received any correspondence from us (check your junk folder), please contact us.

  1. QUT is entitled to accept or reject advertisements
  2. All advertisements are subject to approval by QUT before publication on the CareerHub site. QUT reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to:
    1. accept, alter, reject or remove registrations, job vacancies and event advertisements in QUT CareerHub;
    2. refuse access by any person or organisation to this service.

    QUT is under no obligation to notify you or disclose our reasons for doing this, but this does not imply that any personal judgment has been made about you.

  3. Acceptable advertisements
  4. The types of advertisements which may be accepted by QUT include, but are not be limited to:
    1. Part-time, casual, contract or full time paid employment
    2. Graduate recruitment and vacation employment
    3. Volunteer opportunities with registered not-for-profit organisations
    4. Work experience/work placement/internship opportunities (as a component of an approved Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program
    5. International employment vacancies
    6. Employment scholarships and cadetships
    7. Fee for service and overseas voluntourism opportunities
  5. Unacceptable advertisements
  6. QUT will not accept:
    1. any advertisement for an unpaid internship, work experience or volunteer position unless:
      • the position assessed as a suitable component of a formal academic program i.e. Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
      • the position is a volunteer role within a registered not-for-profit organisation, with appropriate insurance coverage for volunteers.
    2. any advertisement for work involving illegal activity;
    3. any advertisement for work which requires the employee to purchase a product or a service, or offer a security deposit or similar as a condition of employment;
    4. Advertisement of contractor/sub-contractor positions
    5. promotion or marketing which does not offer a genuine, specific employment opportunity;
    6. any advertisement that does not comply with relevant laws (see section 5).

    Employers are encouraged to visit the Fair Work Ombudsman's website www.fairwork.gov.au for further information on unpaid work experience.

    For further information on Work Integrated Learning at QUT please view the information on our website or contact us via studentsuccess@qut.edu.au.

  7. Information to be provided for all advertisements
  8. QUT requires the following information from all advertisers:
    1. A clear description of the vacancy including duties/responsibilities, location, working hours, and required skills/experience;
    2. Paid positions must specify the base salary (dollar amount), wage range offered, or the particular award the role will fall under, and must meet minimum wage standards;
    3. Voluntary positions must state that the organisation is a registered Not-For-Profit and that the organisation holds applicable volunteer insurance;
    4. Unpaid work experience positions must state relevant learning outcomes available through the opportunity;
    5. Any costs to the applicants, e.g. required training for the position, or the requirement for an Australian Business Number (ABN), must be clearly outlined in advertisements;
    6. Agencies and third party recruiters are required to provide QUT with the name and address of the organisation for which they are recruiting. This information will not necessarily appear in the job advertisement.

    Employers are encouraged to visit the Fair Work Ombudsman's website www.fairwork.gov.au for further information on minimum wage standards and National Employment Standards.

  9. Advertisements must comply with relevant law
  10. Advertisements must:
    1. comply with anti-discrimination laws, by not indicating any intention to discriminate on the basis of attributes including the following:
      1. gender or gender identity;
      2. pregnancy or breastfeeding;
      3. parental status or family responsibilities;
      4. age;
      5. marital or relationship status;
      6. race;
      7. national extraction;
      8. disability or impairment;
      9. sexuality;
      10. religious or political beliefs or activities;
      11. trade union activity.
    2. comply with any other applicable laws, such as industrial relations laws or fair trading and consumer protection laws.

    Employers are encouraged to visit the Fair Work Online website www.fairwork.gov.au for information on their rights and responsibilities as an employer.

  11. Exclusion of liability
  12. As an advertiser, you agree that:
    1. QUT accepts no liability to advertisers in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of the CareerHub site;
    2. you will indemnify QUT and its officers, employees and agents against all claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses incurred on any account by QUT as a result of your advertisement;
    3. QUT is not responsible for errors, omissions or non-insertion of advertisements;
    4. QUT does not make any guarantees regarding the number of hits to the CareerHub site, does not guarantee that advertisements will be posted on the site in a timely way or at all, and does not guarantee that access to the website by users will be uninterrupted; and
    5. QUT is not responsible for screening students or other potential employees and takes no responsibility for the way in which the information on the CareerHub site is used.
  13. Use of information you supply
    1. update you about QUT CareerHub;
    2. alert you to other services to facilitate recruitment;
    3. send career-related/employment notices;
    4. undertake labour market research;
    5. ask questions to assist us in managing the QUT CareerHub service;
    6. provide to other areas of QUT for industry engagement opportunities;
    7. promote or invite you to employment related events and activities happening at QUT.
  14. Acceptance of terms and conditions
  15. By clicking the “I agree” button, and continuing to use this service, you agree to the QUT CareerHub Terms and Conditions for Employers.